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Over it.

crowd reflection color toy
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You guys, I’m gonna be completely honest with you: this whole social distancing thing has worn me down. It sucks.

At first I kind of joked about the isolation being a struggle, as an extrovert by nature. Sometimes I will reach that peak extrovert “caricature” mode that annoys people.

But this is no joke! It is…yikes on a million bikes. I crave even the social opportunities that I used to take so much for granted — chatting with neighbors or saying “hi” to someone while shopping. The other day, I talked with the checkout lady at the supermarket from when she scanned my first item to when she handed me my receipt. And maybe I snuck in a few words after. And I probably could have chatted with her for another ten minutes, but the customer behind me was audibly grumpy.

I love people. Aside from some traces of social anxiety I might feel periodically, I love being around people, talking with people, meeting new people. People energize me. People make this place a beautiful place to live. They are, after all, the pinnacle of God’s creation.

I don’t know what life will be like when this is all over, and (perhaps worse) I don’t know WHEN this will all be over. Will I be emotional? Will I cry? Will I suffer symptoms similar to PPD? Only time will tell, friends.

Until then it’s me, my husband, my doggo and you.

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