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the (lonely) intersection

Fam, this last month has honestly pressed me dry. The one saving grace in all of it has been being able to return to worship on a weekly basis.

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I’ve bickered ad nauseam with far too many people on social media about issues that honestly should not be issues: why saying “black lives matter” is not an endorsement of marxism; why critical race theory is a valid lens through which to view racism in our society; that we can acknowledge the existence of systemic racism without succumbing to secularism or worldliness.

I’ve also read my share of memes and hot takes about how western Christianity only exists to preserve the patriarchy and oppress people of color — to which I only nod resignedly, and keep scrolling. Because that doesn’t feel right, either.

And I’m not sure what’s sadder: standing at the lonely intersection of faith and progressive movements, or that this feeling has been all too common in my life for more than a decade: “too secular/liberal” for one group, but “too rigid/Christian” for another.

Being a Missouri Synod Lutheran and believing we must abolish systemic racism in our society is one lonely intersection.

Another lonely intersection? Being a pro-life Christian and a voice for body positivity. Granted, I’ve become more vocal in couching the body positive movement in the context of faith. But honestly there are places the entire movement goes that I can’t abide.

The messed up part in all of this is the shame I’m going to feel once I publish this post. Because I am all of the above (and afraid, because it’s not gonna sit right with people).

I suppose it’s not all bad, though. I have met a handful of people just like me in recent days. Makes the intersection a little less lonely. And God is still faithful, so if nothing else, I’m just gonna hang my hat on that.

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