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things i am into these days.

I am into so many things right now that aren’t Facebook. Though, admittedly, I do miss hanging out there.

  • Web comics! Right now I’m reading Lambcat’s Cursed Princess Club and Han Kyoung Chal’s Spirit Fingers. The latter makes me want to start sketching again.
  • I also read books now! I just finished American Gods by Neil Gaiman and am about to pick up Prince of Fools by Mark Lawrence. And yes, audiobooks have saved my life, don’t @ me.
  • Also! I’ve discovered a contingent of lady roller-skaters on Instagram and it makes me want to learn roller-skating SO BAD.
  • I learned how to cook steel-cut oatmeal and hard-boil eggs in my Instant Pot. I’ve been making my oatmeal with cinnamon and vanilla, but I’m intrigued by the notion of savory oatmeal (cumin, cayenne, chicken broth?).
  • Grocery shopping has been strangely been fun?

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