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but i too need therapy.

AND JESUS! He’s the best tbh.

Matt and I met with our counselor yesterday. And it was a relief to unload and get some helpful feedback in return. It was actually kind of a relief to learn that at this stage of the pandemic, most people are just burned the heck out. Which makes sense, because it appears to be all we ever talk about anymore. It has permeated every aspect of our lives. My counselor encouraged me to talk to my psychiatrist about a temporary increase in my meds, at least until I can get out of this funk I am in.

She also strongly suggested that I need to set better boundaries. I’m not required, nor should I be expected, to talk about COVID. Or masks. Or vaccines. I’m not required, nor should I be expected, to pontificate on — or, frankly, listen to others’ pontifications on — why we can’t work from home anymore. Or try to find a solution that allows it. I can set parameters. I can declare that certain topics are off-limits for me in meetings and in interactions with my co-workers. And that’s okay!

That was really good to hear, but I’m betting it will be very difficult to implement. I don’t want to be perceived as mean or cruel or lacking compassion. But the best and right thing to do is often the hardest. Send me good vibes and thoughts and prayers because it will be TOUGH.

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