Hello, friend!

It me.

I’m a 36 (36!!!!!) year-old woman living in St. Louis while my husband prepares to enter the Office of the Holy Ministry™️. I’m living that sem wife life right now, and already writing letters of apology to the poor congregation that calls my husband to be their pastor.

(We’re a package deal — sorry!)

I am a Certified Fundraising Executive with my Master of Arts degree in nonprofit leadership.

This is my place to collect beautiful things, share professional wisdom and talk about my faith life.

Oh, and also to post many, MANY pics of my dog.

You’ll probably encounter a veritable potpourri of other subject matter: body positivity, plus-size fashion, life with type-2 bipolar and depression and about just generally killin’ it at this whole life thing.

I try to pretend I’m “not like other girls,” but I literally am like other girls. All of them.