3,000,000 months is 250,000.274 years

Every Monday I meet with my colleagues, and one of the things we do is reflect on the week prior and share best news both personally and professionally.

The professional best news I shared yesterday was that — by the grace of God, and my team, and loads and loads of coffee (and maybe a titch of raw talent) — I survived my first month at my new job.

(Sorry, reader, if you didn’t know about the new job. I never got around to blogging about it here. Are you surprised? Shocked? Awed? Me too, kind of, still.)

The transition has not been without its difficulties — although when you go from one position you’ve been at for over a decade at the peak of your game to one where you feel like a total newbie, what else can you expect? I will say the greatest mental difficulty of them all has been determining what is an appropriately-sized slice of humble pie and what is imposter syndrome rearing its ugly head!

Imposter syndrome is real and terrible. I feel like the best way to combat it is to push through, let time do its thing and openly and gratefully accept the affirmations that come my way.

Imposter syndrome is real and terrible.

Descartes, probably.

Also, the blessing and curse of working from hoooooome! I love it but it is also so draining. And isolating. It can be really lonely. I foresee so many work dates in my future because I need them. And there are far too many restaurants and cafes within walking distance for me to not be working inside them.

Anyway. Push on, y’all. One month down and three million* to go.

*That was an exaggeration, but you get it.

imagine having three-million fingers, tho