I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since December 15th and yet I absolutely can believe that I haven’t blogged since December 15th.

2023 has been quite a show β€” a good one, don’t worry. Here are some highlights:

I’ve been traveling quite a bit for work in places that aren’t meant to be places for work. Miami. Myrtle Beach. Las Vegas. New Orleans. So warm, and sunny, and delicious.

Up ahead I have trips to Baltimore, Michigan, Milwaukee, North Carolina (AN ACTUAL VACATION), Chicago, Dallas and Philly.

(Also I went on a rollercoaster while I was in Vegas, which my morbidly obese, 37-year-old ass had no business doing. #yolo)


In January, WE GOT ANOTHER DOG. But I actually think Opal is one of those ancient Japanese bullfrog demons??? I am not actually sure. She and Tooper are pretty much homies at this point, and I finally got to create the Instagram account of my dreams a.k.a. the only reason we got a second dog (according to my husband πŸ˜‘). Joke’s on him (or maybe me) though, because as much as we bickered about adopting again β€” as against it as he was for a literal decade β€” Opal sticks to him like glue. I’m pretty sure she imprinted the moment he saw her at the shelter. Like a friggen baby duck. It’s hilarious and mildly depressing at the same time.

Speaking of husbands, Matt graduates from Concordia Seminary in ONE AND A HALF WEEKS with his M.Div. This is a journey about fifteen years in the making and I am tremendously proud of everything he has accomplished to get where he is today. Of course he’s decided to stick around for additional coursework because he wants to teach. SO THAT’S COOL I GUESS. We’ll just kick that Call Day can down the road a couple more years.

Life’s been pretty good in general, y’all. Better than it’s been in the last couple years, probably. Let’s hope the trend continues.

Also, I made this pageant sash yesterday. I think I’ll probably present it to the winner tonight. Look at me bein’ all crafty though. #worldscutestcarrot2023

P.S. Weirdly, for me 2023 has also been the year of pork rinds and pickles-in-a-bag from the gas station. I can’t stop eating either. Maybe I have a mineral deficiency. #sodium

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